AI and the Built Environment Webinar series

Airc World and the Franco-British Data Society are launching a series of short webinars which will be exploring the impact of AI and the Built Environment.

Webinar 1 – « AI and Spatial Creativity » – 24th of April 2024 –  Video to come shortly

Introductions: Christophe Le Lannou and Pierre Saunal

Guest speaker: Nathalie Rozencwajg, Director of NAME architect

Duration: 30mn


Nathalie Rozencwajg is the Founder and Director of NAME architecture. She has gained a reputation for her collaborative approach and for creating iconic projects. A graduate of the Architectural Association School of Architecture (AA) in London, Nathalie has spent 12 years teaching at this prestigious school. She is a regular contributor to architecture and design journals, speaking and lecturing to a wide range of international audiences. She was commended by the Architect Journal as Emerging Woman Architect of the Year and identified by The Guardian newspaper as one of its ‘10 Women Architects to Watch’. Nathalie has also recently launched a podcast, Designing Futures to collectively explore AI’s industry trends, challenges, and impacts on the creative fields.

AI is transforming the architecture industry on multiple fronts, from rendering and optioneering to data handling.​

Although architects have long employed AI tools, the rapid advancement mirrors the exponential growth of AI overall. This progression heralds a transformation in architectural practice, reminiscent of the shift from 2D to 3D methodologies.

Webinar 2 – « AI and OpenBIM » – 15th of May 2024, 12.30pm UK time


Introductions: Christophe Le Lannou and Pierre Saunal

Guest speaker: Jaime Ingram, Architect and co-founder at

Duration: 30mn


After graduating as an architect in Spain, Jaime worked in Panama before moving to the UK to develop his architectural career as an early user of BIM and digital tools to improve the delivery of the build environment. Architect specialized in bioclimatic design and energy efficiency through building information and energy modelling, he is an experienced BIM manager working on innovative ways to coordinate the different consultants’ information models, developing clash detection and rule checks systems to deliver fully compliant designs in line with ISO19650.

ISO 19650, established in 2019, sets the global standard for collaboration and data sharing in the built environment. Derived from former British Standards, it offers a regulatory framework and open file formats for seamless data exchange through OpenBIM. All AI and digital innovations must align with this framework.

Webinar 3 – « AI and Software Development » – 29th of May 2024 

Introductions: Christophe Le Lannou and Pierre Saunal

Guest speaker:Marc Nézet CSO and CDO of Nemetschek Group

Duration: 30mn


Marc Nezet has been appointed Chief Division Officer (CDO) of the Operate & Manage Division in September 2023. In addition, he serves as Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) of the Nemetschek Group including M&A, Venture Investments and Strategic Partnerships.


Nezet joined Nemetschek after 23 years with Schneider Electric Group, where he has held various senior general management and strategy positions including Senior Vice President Energy Management Software Transformation. During this time, he managed major strategic acquisitions which positioned the technology Group Schneider Electric among the leading software players in buildings and infrastructure. Most recently he held the position SVP, Industrial Cloud Platform Ecosystem of AVEVA Group.

AI has long been present in the AECO industry, exemplified by parametric design. Yet, the latest advancements in AI are already shaping the evolution of AECO software, incorporating its advantages. Archicad stands out as a premier OpenBIM solution worldwide, developed by Graphisoft under the umbrella of the Nemetschek Group. llp llp is a partnership formed by like minded individuals to better deliver the human ecosystem. They look at the design of the world we are living in beyond just construction. They develop OpenBIM-led digital twins of buildings and places prior to their construction to include in their work the multitude of factors impacting on our lives – how we feel when we cross the street or get into a building, what is our impact on the planet, etc. llp is the parent company providing services to the construction sector via a suite of sector specific companies, including for architectural services and for digital design services.


Franco-British Data Society


The Franco British Data Society is a company limited by guarantee (which intends to apply for educational charitable status) and a networking platform. It welcomes a broad mix of entrepreneurs, experts, and practitioners in data – whether working in the public or private sectors – to discuss from a Franco-British and European perspective: policy, governance, digital transformation, artificial intelligence, data science, education, data security, ethics, and regulation.