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Purpose & role of the society​

Created in September 2018 on the initiative of Christophe Le Lannou and Michael Butcher, the Franco-British Data Society (FBDS) is a networking platform that gathers a mix of experts in data, coming from different backgrounds from data science students and professors to AI scientists, healthcare experts, analytics experts, data driven public administrators, lawyers, charities, security professionals, start-ups, banking, and government representatives (Economic Counsellor to the French Embassy).

All share common concerns and face similar challenges in data management, governance, security, legal issues, regulation, shortage of skilled professionals and ethics.

Through macro and micro events, it aims to:

  • discuss policy, governance, and technical issues such as ethics, regulation, education, digital transformation, data science, and data security from a Franco-British and European perspective.
  • promote cooperation and understanding of data issues between France and the United Kingdom.
  • enable cross fertilisation.
  • address the concerns and challenges of all data professionals.
  • provide opportunities for our members to discuss policy, governance, and technical issues.
  • reflect our members’ needs and interests, and enable them to network
  • promote and enhance employment opportunities.

The Society is organised around a board of members with a President for both perspectives, French and British, and a secretary.


President – UK perspective: Michael Butcher

President – French perspective: Christophe Le Lannou

Secretary: Anne Bioche –

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